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Jul 222013
Over View: Stay In Balance2 Natural Progesterone Cream and New "Progesterone Cream + Iodine & Iodide". Balance Hormones and Improve Thyroid Health, an All-In-One product!
M.S. Laboratories is proud to bring you “Stay In Balance2” product line as well as time-tested health and nutritional products that will assist you and you're family by supporting a life made healthier by much-needed nutritional supplementation. Our nutritional product line focuses on women’s health, men's health, teen girl and teen boy health, hormone balance, thyroid health, iodine skin test and oral health. Please don't hesitate to contact us before you purchase if you have any questions or concerns. Happy, healthy customers are our goal. Stay In Balance Woman natural progesterone cream has been our # 1 selling product since 1999. For over 14 years our menopause relief formula has never changed. Even if you've tried other progesterone creams with little or no results, your experience with Stay In Balance woman’s formula for hormone balance will be 100% different. We guarantee it, or your money back. No questions asked.

... Over 900 mg of USP pharmaceutical grade progesterone cream per-oz. If you suffer from severe menopause symptoms each full press of pump contains 40 mg. If only mild menopause symptoms a half press of pump contains 20 mg each application as per Dr. John Lee's specifications ... Our convenient 3 oz. per-metered, see-through, airtight, dispensing pump with a self-closing spout preventing any product contamination and the ability to see when you are running low. ... Stay In Balance is known for helping to prevent menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, migraine headaches, vaginal dryness, depression, insomnia, estrogen, PMS, low sex drive complaints and so much more. ... Contains NO mineral oil or chemicals including Phenoxyethanol or Paraben and is gluten-free. ... Cruelty free. No animal testing has been done on this or any of our products.

If you suffer from pre-menopause, menopause symptoms such as weight gain, hair loss, cold hands & feet, poor thyroid function or have had thyroid removed try “Progesterone Cream + Iodine & Iodide. Progesterone Cream + Iodine & Iodide provides hormone balance and thyroid support All-In-One. … Iodine is known for helping improve thyroid health and thyroid function. … Iodine and Iodide is known for helping to prevent all types of cancer. … For more information on the life saving benefits of iodine and iodide, visit Dr. David Brownstein’s website. Natural progesterone is the identical hormone that is produced by a woman's ovary. It is made from naturally occurring plant steroids found in the wild yam. It is NOT the synthetic version that is commonly purchased as tablets with a prescription such as Provera. Synthetic progesterone’s, like Provera, Permian or medroxyprogesterone, and produce severe side effects including increased risk of cancer, abnormal menstrual flow, fluid retention, nausea, depression and can even increase risk of heart disease and stroke. Science dictates estrogen dominance is the cause of many menopause symptoms and natural progesterone cream can help balance out the estrogen hormones. No need to suffer any longer. There is a healthy, happy life even during menopause! Try: Stay In Balance natural Progesterone Cream for Women ---3 oz Try: Progesterone Cream + Iodine & Iodide….2.5 oz
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